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K-charge initiative from Kia: featuring 1000+ charging stations in India

  • Kia partnered with CPOs (Charge Point Operators) recently. They are Charge Zone, Statiq, Lion Charge, Relux Electric, and E-Fill chargers to increase their electric vehicle infrastructure.

  • This feature provides 3 months of free charging for customers of Kia through Relux Charging Stations.

  • K-Charge services are featured on the ‘MyKia’ app, and these services can be obtained by non-Kia customers as well.

New Delhi, 06 December 2023: Kia India, one of the leading premium carmakers in India, revealed K-Charge — an innovative feature in the 'MyKia' app which allows customers access to more than 1000 electric vehicle charging stations across the country. This is one of the industry-first moves from the company. Kia is increasing access to their new charging network to non-Kia customers, offering great help to the electric vehicle users of India, for overcoming Range Anxiety. This good idea shows the commitment of Kia to grow their customer services by consolidating different functions into one user-friendly smartphone app.

Kia EV6 BNeing Charged and MyKia App
Kia K Charge Initiative

Kia has recently collaborated with 5 charging point operators (CPOs): Charge Zone, Statiq, Lion Charge, Relux Electric, and E-Fill charging operators to provide this initiative to EV users. Kia India also did a special tie-up with Relux Electric to provide its customers with 3 months of free charging with the help of their charging stations. The newly onboarded CPOs are the pioneers in the charging industry for electric vehicles, giving adequate electric vehicle charging networks, global best practices, and safety standards. NumoCity Technologies, one of the leaders in CMS services, has integrated all these CPOs into the ‘MyKia’ app.

The recently added functionalities provide extra ease to the users of electric vehicles through deep technology integration which allows them to seamlessly have access to a greater range of EV services at their convenience. The customers can see and locate the charging station with the help of an interactive map from the Made-in-India map service provider, MapMyIndia. K-Charge will help customers check the availability of charging slots, and locate one depending on their preferences. The users can also pay through that platform using the wallet service of the app. The array of user-friendly features makes EV charging easy and also removes the requirement to depend on multiple external apps. This shows Kia's vision of bringing in emerging technology to improve the vehicle ownership experience.

Words by the management

The National Head of Sales and Marketing – Kia India, Mr. Hardeep Singh Brar said, "K-Charge is not only an initiative for providing convenience to our customers, but also a step for making sustainable mobility easy and accessible for everyone. We believe that the transformation of technology towards a complete EV future needs to be smooth, and the K-Charge feature, integrated into the 'MyKia' app, is a well-thought-out step in that direction. With this objective, we will continue our efforts to expand the charging network by onboarding new CPOs in the future. We are confident that seamless, user-friendly solutions like these will play the main role in the growth of the adoption of electric vehicles in India."

With the help of its newly introduced vision, 'EV for All', which emphasizes the K-Charge initiative, Kia aims to accomplish a yearly sales target of 1 million electric vehicles by the year 2026 and increase that to 1.6 million units annually by the year 2030, along with the launch of different long-range BEVs. In India, Kia has already shared its strategy for electric vehicles, which reveals the launch of global electric vehicle models in India along with a locally manufactured electric vehicle in the RV body style by 2030.


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