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Earth Ride - Your place for EV News and Articles

We at Earth Ride have been in the business of Electric Vehicles for more than three years now. Not only has this time enabled us to understand the growing industry of electric vehicles, we have deep understanding of Electric Vehicle market, it's customer base, types of Electric Vehicles, their advantages and disadvantages. Founder of Earth Ride, Dhairya Gupta in addition to having 20 years of Corporate experience ranging from electrical engineering, management consulting to Entrepreneurship he has 12 years of experience in Automobile journalism, having reviewed several cars and motorcycles with high engagement rates on videos and online review. Add to this more than 3 years of reviewing several electric vehicles for Earth Ride and attending several EV conferences, gaining deep experience in Electric Vehicle Industry. Earth Ride will now be publishing news and articles related to EV Industry and Electric Vehicles.

So, be on the look out for deeper insights into EV industry, information on new launches of Electric Vehicles and reviews of Electric Vehicles. Please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:

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