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India's first Electric Truck for the Global Market from Tresa Motors

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Bangalore 3rd July 2023 ● The launch aims to showcase Tresa Motors' commitment to transition India into a global force in commercial vehicle industry

●The brand strives to establish itself as a key contributor to fundamental EV component manufacturing reducing current reliance on imports. Tresa Motors has unveiled its first electric Truck, the Model V0.1. The truck is built on Tresa Motors' Axial Flux Motor Platform: FLUX350. Designed for the global market, the unveil showcases Tresa Motors' revolutionary take on the industrial design, axial flux powertrain and safe battery packs for the medium and heavy electric truck. This development stands as a testament to Tresa's unwavering commitment to innovation and its vision for a future driven by sustainable transportation solutions.

An Atristic Render of Tresa Commercial Electric Truck
An Atristic Render of Tresa Commercial Electric Truck

India's fleet of 2.8 million trucks, contributes to 60% of emissions. With pollution being one of the biggest issues with our country, there is an urgent need for zero emissions medium and heavy trucks. With the upcoming vehicle scrappage policy in 2024 and increasing fuel costs, the time is ripe for a shift towards medium and heavy electric trucks. Tresa Motors aims to spearhead this transition by providing safe, innovative, and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional diesel trucks, with lowest total cost of ownership. Tresa Motors strives to transition India’s 2.8 million trucks to electric, one at a time.

At the core of Tresa's trucks lies its Axial Flux Motor technology, called FLUX350, delivering upto 350kW continuous power, making Tresa the only Indian OEM with this kind of power output. Axial Flux motors are renowned for their compact size and light-weight nature. Entirely developed in India, and with a handful of axial flux motors manufacturers in the world, this places Tresa Motors at the forefront of global innovation. What is an Axial Flux Motor?

"The journey to the official launch of Tresa' Model V0.1 and the development of our Axial Flux Motor platform has been nothing short of extraordinary," said Rohan Shravan, Founder CEO, Tresa Motors. "Since our inception a lot has happened. We overcame a lot of challenges. Today, I am happy to say that I have the backing of some of the industry's most revered and experienced people who have joined Tresa's team to accelerate its journey! All in all the team at Tresa has made and manufactured more than 200 different kinds of Trucks in their careers (in India, Germany, the US, and Japan), and have sold a staggering 2 million plus units in the past!"

Months of intensive simulations in ANSYS and MATLAB were conducted to fine-tune hundreds of parameters before embarking on the manufacturing process. This rigorous approach showcases Tresa Motors' commitment to designing and engineering products with first principles.

The launch of Tresa Motors also marks a significant step towards fulfilling the founder's vision for India. Rohan Shravan, Founder, Tresa Motors commented, "India has the potential to become a global powerhouse for EVs in the years to come. With Tresa Motors, we are determined to contribute to the realization of this vision and position India as a leader in global transportation solutions."

Tresa Motors' Medium and Heavy Electric Trucks, represents a major leap forward in the commercial vehicle industry, offering unmatched power, efficiency, and environmental benefits. This Made in India product showcases the brand’s strong commitment to fostering local talent and driving economic growth. With this launch, Tresa Motors is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle landscape in India and beyond. Tresa Motors will be hosting the physical launch of Model V in the second quarter of FY2023.

About Tresa Motors

Photo of Rohan Shravan, Founder CEO, Tresa Motors
Rohan Shravan, Founder CEO, Tresa Motors

Tresa Motors, India’s first OEM manufacturer of medium and heavy electric trucks, is based out of Bangalore. Founded by Rohan Shravan and Ravi Machani in 2022, Tresa’s core competencies are in industrial design, electric powertrain and battery related technologies. It currently is developing electric trucks in the 18T-55T GVW segment and unveiled its first vehicle, the Model V0.1 on 3rd July 2023.

Tresa is on a mission to redefine the future of transportation through innovation, safety, and sustainability. It understands the paramount importance of driver safety and the undeniable environmental impact of ICE engines, and is committed to crafting cutting-edge electric vehicles that prioritize both safety and energy efficiency.

Backed by some of the industry's most revered and experienced people, Tresa stands out among other OEMs, as it takes pride in developing core components in-house, ensuring a self-reliant approach to vehicle manufacturing. Tresa’s dedicated engineers and experts work relentlessly to solve the complex challenges posed by motor, powertrain, and battery pack related technologies, creating unique and groundbreaking solutions that set it apart in the market. Tresa is designing in India, for the global market.

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