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Revamp Moto, Shark Tank India funded company starts production

Revamp Moto, an electric vehicle manufacturer which which makes modular electric two-wheelers and was featured and got funded on Shark Tank India has started production. After having raised money from Anupam Mittal and Aman Gupta, they have announced production of their frist batch of modular electric bikes. The electric bike is called RM Buddie 25 and 120 units of these e-bikes would be produced in Nasik, Maharashtra at India's first microfactory Built completely in-house from the ground up, Buddie is customisable according to customer's need . It can be transformed for multiple uses allowing the Buddie to help customers conduct business efficiently while on the move.

RM Buddie in production
RM Buddie being Assembled

Mr. Pritesh Mahajan, CEO & Co-founder of Revamp Moto said, “As a brand, Revamp Moto spent over 3 years in R&D to develop the blueprint of one of India’s fastest swappable and customizable EVs for India’s micro-entrepreneurial community. We are now delighted to finally announce that Revamp Moto is now ready to begin production of its first set of RM Buddie 25 bikes for which deliveries will commence from November,2023. The RM Buddie 25 and Revamp Ecosytem will be a source to empower micro-entrepreneurs of all kinds making their lives simpler by allowing them to conduct their business efficiently on the go.”

Revamp RM Buddie 25 on Assembly Line
Revamp RM Buddie 25 on Assembly Line

At India’s and Revamp Moto’s first microfactory which has the capacity to produce 25,000 units, Revamp Moto is looking at delivering the first set of 120 bikes to its customers from November.

Delivery of its much sought after product, the RM Buddie 25 is highly anticipated by the customers who have already placed pre-orders for this game-changing product in the 2-wheelers EV category.

Travelling over 70Km, on a single charge, the RM Buddie 25 can carry upto 120Kg including the weight of the driver. The bike comes with 5 swiftly attachable and swappable attachments like a saddle bag, an insulated bag, insulated box, carrier and an additional rear seat. These attachments will fulfil almost all the needs of hardworking micro-entrepreneurs like vegetable sellers, small independent ecommerce retailers, etc. who conduct business on the go.

Revamp RM Buddie 25 being produced
RM Buddie 25 has a payload capacity of 120 Kg

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Pritesh Mahajan, CEO & Co-founder of Revamp Moto remarked saying, “Revamp Moto has also partnered with financial institutions to provide potential customers with easy access to affordable financing options like no-cost EMIs and instant low interest rate on loans making it simple, affordable and sustainable to own the RM Buddie 25 which will lead to success for every micro-entrepreneur.”

Also, ensuring customers of a worry-free performance and service, Revamp Moto has also recently partnered with ReadyAssist, a renowned provider of automotive assistance services. This collaboration aims to deliver 24/7 roadside assistance for electric two-wheelers, ensuring unparalleled support and peace of mind for Revamp Moto customers.

Looking to contribute to India’s energy goals since its inception in 2022, the RM Buddie 25 and product portfolio from Revamp Moto will encourage India’s micro-entrepreneurial community to switch to cleaner and greener sources of transportation. Through its various financing partners, Revamp is offering easy financing options like no cost EMI and instant loans at low-interest rate across several months, which will make owning the Buddie extremely simple.

For more information, please visit or contact 705-706-4444

About Revamp Moto:

Nashik based Revamp Moto, an EV start-up, was founded in January 2021 by Pritesh Mahajan, Jayesh Tope and Pushkaraj Salunke. Visionaries in their own right, all three had worked on prior entrepreneurial ventures before synergising their energies and thoughts in their very first meeting to form and build the concept and vision of Revamp Moto.

With a mission to empower India while accelerating the transition to a zero-emission society, Revamp develops exceptionally reliable, adaptable, and connected Electric Vehicles based on its Modular Utility Platforms. Revamp was earlier funded on Shark Tank India by Aman Gupta and Anupam Mittal.


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