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Who is an Earthapreneur?

Earthapreneur is anyone who answers any of these four questions with an affirmative 'Yes':

  • Do you want to make good returns on your money?

  • Do you want to help solve the pollution problem of the country?

  • Do you want to provide the youth of this country an opportunity?

  • Do you want to be an Entrepreneur?

Earth Ride's Earthapreneur Program lets you do all of these four in one go.

All an Earthapreneur has to do is buy an Electric Vehicle and Lease it to us.

Earthapreneur program is our crowd sourced fleet which we lease to end customers who work in the last mile delivery business such as Food Delivery (Swiggy/ Zomato), Grocery Delivery (Big Basket/ Milk Basket), Quick Commerce (Zepto/ Blinkit) or E-Commerce (Flipkart/ Amazon). All these delivery partners work as independent contractors with these companies and get paid on per order basis and are expected to bring their own vehicle for executing their job. Given the fact that most of these delivery partners come from poor families and are quiet young, they do not have the financial resources to buy a two wheeler. This is where you will step in as an Earthapreneur. You buy an Electric Scooter and lease it to Earth Ride via Lease-Earn-Own model. Earth Ride leases these electric scooter further to end customers and collects a lease amount. Earth Ride ensures the upkeep of the vehicle and manages the insurance and GPS services. All an Earthapreneur has to do is collect the lease amount. The Lease would be for 2 years period where you make a return of 18% (IRR) on your investment via the lease amount.

What is Earthapreneur Program?

The Financials

Let's see how the payouts happen and the returns

Earthapreneur's Investment

Rs. 63,000

Return on Investment (ROI)


Lease Period

24 Months

Lease Payment per month

Rs. 3,150

Total Lease Amount Received

Rs. 75,600

A Comparison of Investments

Becoming an Entrepreneur often comes at a risk and so do investments which get you good returns. But not with the Earthapreneur program. With the lease that you get paid, you make good returns while becoming an Entrepreneur and Earth Ride ensures timely payout of your lease reducing your risk. You can reinvest the monthly lease amount in SIP form to make even more returns on your initial investments. Here is a comparison.

As you can see, becoming an Earthapreneur is extremely beneficial and if one can reinvest that amount, the returns are really high. We encourage all to become an Earthapreneur - whether you are in a job, have another business or an investor looking for good and assured returns on your investments. You would not only be making money, you would also be contributing in reducing pollution in the country and helping people work in last mile delivery jobs

If you have any questions related to Earthapreneur Program, email uson with Subject Line: Earthapreneur Program

In case you are interested in becoming an Earthapreneur please fill this form:

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