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Euler Launches two new stores in South India

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Euler Motors is one of the leading companies in commercial electric vehicle industry. The company revealed its plans for expansion in Southern India, by launching four new retail outlets in Karnataka and Telangana. The cities in which the new retail outlets will be opened are Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Euler Team and Inauguration of a new store
Euler Team

Growing demand for electric mobility in the Southern region

Growing demand for electric mobility in the Southern region led to the opening of new retail outlets by Euler Motors in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. This strategic expansion will be done to meet the demands for sustainable mobility solutions in the retail, logistics, and e-commerce sectors, in the ever-expanding Southern Indian market. The four showrooms of Euler Motors will be at Peenya and Mysore Road of Bengaluru city, and in Malakpet and Balanagar regions of the city, Hyderabad.

The new retail stores in Bengaluru and Hyderabad will provide comprehensive after-sales service, which would include vehicle servicing and maintenance.

Mr. Saurav Kumar Inaugurating a new store
Mr Saurav Kumar, Founder & CEO, Euler Motors Inaugurating a new Store

Euler Motor’s flagship EV, the HiLoad EV

Euler Motor’s flagship electric vehicle, the HiLoad EV is already selling in large quantities in Southern India. This electric vehicle from Euler Motors has a segment utility with the highest payload capacity and on-road range in the cargo segment. The HiLoad EV is receiving a lot of traction from the retail sector with multiple business segments among paper and packaging, food delivery, FMCG, pharma, furniture, etc. Among the leading organizations using HiLoad EV in the states of Karnataka and Telangana are Flipkart, Magenta, Citylink, Lithium Logistics, etc.

Picture of Euler HiLoad EV
Euler HiLoad Commerical EV

Words from the management of Euler Motors

The Founder and CEO of Euler Motors, Saurav Kumar was quoted as saying, “While the Electric Vehicle story started with e-commerce initially, it is heartening to see our customer response from retail. Our retail market share is steadily increasing, with demand from local businesses, fruits and vegetables, cement, and constructions, FMCG, and more. Retail already accounts for 40% HiLoad EV sales in Bangalore and is growing. With piqued market interest and an increasing customer base in our Electric Vehicles, we are confident that this expansion will allow us to serve a larger customer base and contribute to the transition of the commercial mobility landscape in South India”.

The new showrooms of Electric Vehicles from Euler Motors are open to the public recently. And, they are offering a good opportunity for people to test drive Euler Motor’s HiLoad EV 2023, and get knowledge about its innovative features before deciding to buy it.

Financers of Euler Motors

Euler Motors commits to providing the best and most effortless customer experience and transition in the electric vehicle industry. Along with this, the company also has a strong financier network which includes CKERS Finance, Turno, VT, and Shriram Transport. Euler Motors has four charging and service hubs in Bengaluru and Telangana.

Purchasing Euler Products If you are interested in purchasing products of Euler Motors, please email us at and we will connect you with the company. About Euler Motors

Euler Motors was founded in the year, 2018. The company is an automotive OEM working on commercial electric vehicles. Euler Motors is manufacturing and deploying solutions with innovative technology for democratizing a fast transition in the electric vehicles industry. Its main focus is on manufacturing electric vehicles made for India and from India. The solutions from Euler Motors are road-ready, technically better, and competent enough. These qualities of vehicles from the organization have already proved their mettle among e-commerce and 3PL firms. Euler Motors has its custom-made electric vehicles. The company focuses on making the best alternatives for traditional mobility based on electric vehicles. Also, Euler Motors wants to meet its vision of the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the Indian market. Presently, it is expanding its business in the southern Indian states of Bengaluru and Telangana.


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