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Hop Electric Mobility offers discounts on its electric vehicles with the arrival of the monsoons

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Hop Electric Mobility is one of the fastest-growing electric two-wheeler manufacturing company. The company has announced exclusive offers with the arrival of the monsoons this year in 2023. When the industry is presently struggling with the partial withdrawal of the FAME – II subsidies on electric vehicles, Hop Electric Mobility has provided relief to customers who are planning to buy electric vehicles during the early monsoons.

Hop Electric OXO Electric Motorcycle
Hop Electric OXO Electric Motorcycle

Hop Electric Mobility provides early monsoon offers on its electric vehicles

Hop Electric Mobility has announced that it will provide early monsoon offers which include discounts of around Rs. 4000 on its LEO and LYF e-scooters, and a discount of Rs. 10,000 on the OXO e-motorcycle. OXO is a high-speed electric motorcycle from the company, Hop Electric Mobility.

Apart from this, Hop Electric Mobility will also provide 100 % financing provision for OXO motorcycles to achieve more accessible and sustainable e-mobility.

Prices of the electric vehicles from Hop Electric Mobility

The early monsoon offers from the company provided attractive discounts than the previous price decrease. The prices of OXO were decreased to Rs. 1.48 lakhs which were declared in the previous month. The HOP LEO e-scooters will be launched in the market in both high-speed and low-speed variants with respective prices of Rs. 97, 500 and Rs. 84, 000. The cost of the low-speed electric scooter, HOP LYF is Rs. 67, 500.

Two Girls on two Hop Electric Scooters
Hop Electric Scooters

Words by the management

Mr. Rajneesh Singh, Chief Marketing Officer - HOP Electric Mobility told that, "We aspire to do away with any form of hesitancy towards adoption of electric vehicles. We don't want to restrain our customers from embracing sustainable mobility options because of financial reasons. Thus, we decided to launch the 100% financing offer on our OXO e-motorcycle along with the product discounts on OXO, LYF, and LEO. With all the exclusive offers on our e2Ws, we aim to promote eco-friendly mobility solutions. We invite all riders to seize this opportunity and experience the thrill of riding our EVs." If you are interested in purchasing a HOP Electric Scooter or Electric Motorcycle, email us on


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