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Ola announces #EndICEAge Part 1 - Launches New Electric Scooters and Displays Interesting Concepts

Ola Electric rolls out the ICE killer S1X electric scooter, and the S1 Pro made based on the revolutionary Gen-2 platform; the Global Debut of the motorcycle portfolio

● Gen-2 S1 Pro provides an enhanced range of 195 km and a greatest speed of 120 kmph.

● Motorcycle portfolio spans around four unique models – Diamondhead, Adventure, Roadster, and Cruiser.

● The affordable S1X will be rolled in 3 customer-driven variants - S1 X+, S1 X (3kWh), S1 X (2kWh).

● Introduced MoveOS4, Beta update available from 15th September, unlocking 20+ new features & upgrades, followed by a full scale roll-out.

● Ola Electric announced the launch of 100 dedicated Service Centres across the country.

● Approximately 40,000+ customers joined the #EndICEAge event from the Future factory and Ola’s Experience Centres from India.

Ola Electric, India’s most famous electric vehicle company, announced #EndICEAge Part 1 during its yearly Customer Day event at Ola Future Factory in Krishnagiri TN. The firm revealed its vision and commitment to enhancing India’s leadership in the automotive electrification industry all over the world.

Four Ola Electric Scooters
Ola Electric Scooters

Words by the management

The Founder and CEO of Ola Electric, Bhavish Aggarwal told that, “Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder, and CEO, Ola Electric said “Over the last two years, Ola has strongly positioned itself as a frontrunner in India’s adoption towards EV in the 2W segment. I am proud of what we have achieved and am truly grateful for the trust and love of the Ola community. We are working with speed and with a clear vision to support the country’s leadership in Electrification. By developing core technologies in-house, and through adopting economies of scale, localized supply chains, and manufacturing engineering, we will ensure complete price parity between ICE and EV vehicles. The Gen 2 platform is a testament to this commitment. With the new range of scooters launched today including the S1 Pro, S1 X portfolio, and our recently launched S1 Air, I firmly believe that customers will now have no reason to buy an ICE product.”

He further said, “I am also thrilled to announce the global debut of Ola’s electric motorcycles that will be launched towards the end of 2024. Designed and engineered in-house, these motorcycles represent Ola’s leap into the future of motorcycling”.

Great electric scooters portfolio from Ola Electric

The revolutionary- S1 Pro Gen 2

S1 Pro, the popular product of Ola Electric, has undergone an engineering transformation as it is now built on the all-new Gen-2 platform. The scooter, priced at INR 1,47,499, features a redesigned battery pack, powertrain, and electrical & electronic system, a modified frame and suspension, and a powerful mid-drive motor with a maximum power of 11 kW. These structural changes made S1 Pro 6 kgs lighter, leading to an increased range of 195 km and, a greatest speed of 120 km/h, which is the best top speed in the industry. Its acceleration is about 0-40 km/h in just 2.6 seconds. Like the S1 Air and S1X, it now provides a flat floorboard and twin-fork set up at the front and mono-shock suspension at the rear to further increase the ride quality. Purchasing options for the Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 are now available, and the customers can reach their nearest Ola Experience Centre or pre-book the Pro through the Ola app. Deliveries will start in mid-September.

Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 Doing a Burnout
Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 Doing a Burnout

S1 X Portfolio – The ICE Killer

S1 X range of scooters is available in 3 different variants - S1 X+, S1 X (2kWh), and S1 X (3kWh) - to meet the requirements of all types of riders with various requirements. The S1 X+ will be available with an all-new 5.0-inch LCD. For riders who want an electric scooter with more variety of features, the S1 X 3kWh provides all the mechanical and performance features of the S1 X+, at a more affordable price. With the S1 X 2kWh, Ola has broken the barrier of electric scooters under INR 80,000, accelerating #EndICEAge in the electric scooter part. For much necessity of urban city ride, the S1 X 2kWh will now be “the” scooter that the country will ride.

Both the S1 X+ and S1 X (3kWh) are available with a powerful 6kW motor, and a 3kWh battery that provides a range of 151 km, and a top speed of 90 km/h. The S1 X (2kWh) is also available with a powerful 6kW motor, and a 2kWh battery which will provide the scooter with a range of 91 km and a greatest speed of 85 km/h.

Ols S1X in Red Color
Ola S1X

The S1 X+ was available for buying now at an introductory cost of Rs. 99,999 till 21st August 2023. Deliveries of the S1 X+ will start in mid-September. Pre-reservation and booking window of the S1 X (3kWh), and S1 X (2kWh) is presently open at Rs. 999 only. The S1 X (3kWh), and S1 X (2kWh) scooters were in the market at an introductory cost of Rs. 89,999, and INR 79,999 respectively till 21st August 2023. Deliveries of the S1 X (3kWh) and S1 X (2kWh) will start from December.

Ola S1 Air
Ola S1 Air

Future of Motorcycling

At a global premiere during the community day event, Ola revealed its motorcycle portfolio spreading around 4 best-in-class models – Cruiser, Roadster, Diamondhead, and Adventure. With bikes introduced in all famous categories, Ola plans to further extend its portfolio under each of these categories to meet the demands of customers across all form factors and price considerations. Ola’s considerable investment in Research and Development, and battery manufacturing will provide the basis for the success of the company's future electric scooters. While pre-reserve for bikes are open, they will be introduced in the Indian market before the end of the year, 2024.

Ola Diamond HEad Concept
Ola Diamond Head Concept Electric Motorcycle

Adventure For the people who seek thrill and adrenaline, the bike from Ola, the Adventure is purposeful, strong, and sure-footed. Its tall, athletic, and upright look presents an element of purity and clarity of its purpose and helps it look different from other adventure bikes. The Adventure is like conquering uncharted territory, being aware of the surroundings, and feeling like one with the motorcycle on the roads not taken.

Ola Adventure Concept Electric Motorcycle
Ola Adventure Concept Electric Motorcycle

Roadster Stepping away from the design language of a traditional motorcycle, the modified look of the Roadster greatly reveals how the form is following the function. Roadster also gets flowing elements around the charger cowling that makes it look playful, agile, real, and focused.

Ola Roadster Concept Electric  Motorcycle
Ola Roadster Concept Electric Motorcycle

Cruiser With a laidback stance and sensual lines, the bike, Cruiser is made for enjoying the open roads and the freedom it brings. This motorcycle looks mature but ominous with great and sophisticated bodywork. The floating upper body is connected with the rear part of the bike in a powerful manner providing it with a great ride.

Ola Cruiser  Concept Electric Motorcycle
Ola Cruiser Concept Electric Motorcycle

MoveOS 4

Ola has introduced the high-demand electric bike, MoveOS4. This new launch will reveal a brand new chapter in the realm of electric mobility. It is provided with more than 100 enhancements and more than 20 new features which include:

· Ola Maps

· Hill Descent

· Find my scooter

· Location push

· HC Routing

· Megaphone

· Concert Mode

· Customizable motor sounds

· Theft/Tow/Fall detection

· Geo and time fencing

· Take-me-home lights

· Auto turn-off indicators

· Ride and Energy Stats

· Call Filter

· Biometric unlock

· Widgets

· Dark Mode

· Scooter locator

These safety, comfort, and convenience features will be provided to all customers via an over-the-air (OTA) update beginning on the 15th of September (Beta roll-out), followed by a full-scale roll-out.

Updated Ola Electric S1Pro on Gen 2 Platform
Updated Ola Electric S1Pro on Gen 2 Platform

Gigafactory/Battery Ola revealed its first-ever 4680 W battery, making a powerful statement of intent to make India a global hub in the electric vehicle industry. Situated near the Future Factory in Krishnagiri, TN, Ola’s Giga factory is about to become one of the largest battery manufacturing factories in the world with a capacity of 100 GWh. The Ola Giga factory will be operational by the beginning of the following year with an initial power of 5 GWh.

Customer Day Ola Electric did its flagship annual day more special to the Ola community as it opened the doors of Future Factory as a part of its Customer Day event. A total of about 40,000+ customers joined the celebrations at the Future Factory and Ola’s Experience Centres from across India, where Ola provided a view of its ambitious plans and products.

To prioritize customers’ requirements and provide unparalleled service, Ola announced the launch of 100 dedicated Service Centres across the nation. Ola also hosted a free service camp today across the company’s extensive network of 500+ service centres.

Ola Electric has been the market leader in the electric vehicle 2W segment for the last year and is now increasing its manufacturing capacity to 2 mn units for meeting the ever-increasing demand. It has also been increasing its offline presence aggressively with more than 1000 Experience Centres across India.

About Ola Electric

The famous automobile manufacturing company in the electric vehicle industry, Ola Electric is India’s largest mobility company. Ola made a great revolution in the urban mobility sector by making it available on demand for more than a billion people across 3 continents of the world. Ola continues transforming the world to sustainable mobility through its ride-hailing platform. Ola Electric is one of the world’s largest ride-hailing companies.

Ola Electric is manufacturing advanced electric vehicles in its Future Factory, the world’s largest, most advanced, and sustainable two-wheeler factory. Ola is actively working towards transforming the world into sustainable mobility for the ease and comfort of people in riding electric vehicles.


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